Alex Rodriguez, JLo’s millionaire boyfriend.

The fact that he was a big baseball star is much more than the singer’s boyfriend: he invests in his art collection the profits made in television and the real estate sector.

In 1998, Alex Rodriguez (New York, 1975) was a baseball promise that, at the age of 23, already had lucid dreams. He had managed to recover from a mediocre season with the Seattle Mariners and used his anger to break through, at-bat, among the great ones in the history of this sport. Only three players have achieved more home runs than he has in the last century.

With a bright future yet to be built, the young sportsman did not hesitate for a second to answer a journalist’s personal question with full confidence. What would be the dream date for Alex Rodriguez? “Jennifer Lopez. I hope you can get me a date with her,” he answered in front of the camera, funny and self-sufficient.

Just over two decades later, the American of Dominican descent has not missed the opportunity to remember that another of his goals has become a reality. Through his Instagram account, the man who is on his way to becoming the fourth husband of the actress and singer.

Former baseball player David Ortiz, ‘Big Daddy,’ shot in Santo Domingo

Former football player David Ortiz, known as Big Papi, was shot this Sunday at a leisure center in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, his home country. “”Is stable. Is out of danger really,”” explained his father, Leo Ortiz, when he walked out of the Center of Advanced Medicine where he was attended to the old star —44— the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox teams, both Major League Baseball, the highest level of professional USA.

The director of the Dominican National Police, Ney Bautista Almonte, explained that there is a person detained, but he has not yet given details about the incident. “”All we can say is speculation, we have to wait for the results of the investigation,”” the police chief said. Bautista Almonte has advanced that the probable motive for the attack does not “”have to do with [a] robbery.””

According to information published by the local press, an unknown man approached Ortiz in the back and shot him. Former baseball player, who serves as exclusive advisor to the Boston Red Sox since retiring as a player in the 2016 season, is in Santo Domingo on Business.

The United States cancels an agreement allowing Cuban baseball players to sig

Donald Trump’s kick to diplomatic relations with Cuba fell this Monday in baseball. The White House decided on Monday to stop an agreement between the Professional Baseball League of the United States (MLB) and the Cuban Baseball Federation Whereby American teams could sign Cuban players. The deal, described in its historic day, had been initiated by the Obama administration and after three years of negotiation had been approved last December.

Several of the biggest baseball stars in the United States, such as Yasiel Puig, Yoenis Céspedes or José Dariel Abreu, are Cubans who fled Cuba. With diplomatic relations broken until 2015, desertion was the only way they could play in the world’s most prestigious league. One of the consequences of President Barack Obama’s diplomatic approach to Cuba was to seek a formula to give legal channels to the interest of American teams in Cuban stars.

In a radical change of approach, the Treasury Department has decided that the Baseball Federation is part of the Cuban government, and therefore it is illegal to do business with it, Reuters explains an anonymous charge from that department. According to the agreement, players can be booked directly from Cuba, without passing through a third country, in exchange for a commission for the Cuban Federation. Cuba has a similar agreement with the Japanese league.