Thanks for your interest in our edition of “Baseball Hitting,” which has 89 topics.
You will learn a great deal about the proper hitting fundamentals and how to solve many hitting problems.

The directness of the baseball swing.
Hitting against power pitchers.
Keeping the bat in the hitting zone, hitting line drives and hitting to the opposite field.
What pitches to expect and exactly how many baseball pitchers actually tip off their pitches.
The importance of going from point A to point B with your baseball swing.
Fourteen very common baseball hitting problems, what the MOST common problem is and how to fix these baseball hitting problems.
How you can learn to recognize a curve ball quickly.
How to deal with hitting slumps that are either mechanical or mental.
How you should approach hitting when you have two strikes on you.
How to work on baseball hitting weaknesses.
How to get out of the way from an inside pitch-(Something that many players at ALL levels of play do NOT know how to do properly)

Our “Baseball Hitting ” edition is a very big part of “Excellent Baseball Coaching.”
We really think you will enjoy it and GREATLY BENEFIT by it at ANY level of play!
Your baseball hitting book will ALWAYS be just a few seconds away!

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