Thanks very much for your interest in our edition of the “Complete Set.”
It contains all 5 of our editions and has all 320 topics-(Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Base Running and General)
The “Complete Set” edition is everything I can possibly offer to you, with close to 50 years of baseball experience.
You will have an outstanding knowledge of how to play, coach or help your child play excellent baseball.
I’ve worked on “Excellent Baseball Coaching” for about 8 years, since 2001.
I really think you will enjoy it and greatly benefit by it at ANY level of play!
It makes a fabulous and reasonably priced gift for anyone involved in baseball coaching, baseball playing or any parent who wants to help their child.
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It can be used forever and you will be remembered in many future years in a very positive sense.


HITTING-Over a dozen common baseball hitting problems and how to fix them. (The first two are very common).You’ll learn about the directness of the swing and going from Point A to point B when swinging. Working on weaknesses. And much more!

PITCHING-Three steps to use when teaching a player how to pitch. Common baseball pitching problems and how to fix them. How to throw every type of pitch. How to get to know a batter’s strengths and weaknesses very quickly. How to be very successful on the mound by simply watching the batter’s feet. And much more!

FIELDING-The baseball tips you will learn about fielding grounders is outstanding. How to easily get a runner out when he’s in a rundown. How to properly play every fielding position. How it is easy to shade your eyes on a fly ball. Twenty three topics on the all important catcher’s position! And much more!

BASE RUNNING-Stealing second and third base. Primary and secondary leads. What part of the pitcher to “key” on when stealing second base. The only time when you should take your lead off third base in fair territory and not foul territory. (Very few know this one) And much more!

GENERAL-If you are involved in baseball coaching, you will know exactly when your pitcher is getting tired and this topic alone is priceless and simply outstanding. How you can QUICKLY break bad habits. Although I’m usually a traditionalist, you will learn several baseball beliefs that are false and I will tell you exactly why!-(One has to do with having a “level” swing)—And much more!

320 topics and you won’t ever find anything more USER FRIENDLY!

My sincerest thanks for your visit and your time.

Larry “Baseball”