Thanks for your interest in our edition of “Baseball Pitching,” which has 123 topics.

Three very simple steps required when teaching a youngster to pitch to make him “lights out” in the future.
Pitching problems that are very common and how to fix them.
The THREE keys to successful pitching.
Everything about baseball pitching from both the full windup and the stretch position.
How to set up your pitches and how critical the release point is to be a successful pitcher.
Body alignment importance.
How to properly throw all the pitches, four seamer, two seamer, split fast ball, cutter, changeup, slider, curve ball, sinker.
A check list that takes only about one second that all baseball pitchers at ANY LEVEL should go through before every pitch.
Defending against bunts, including the squeeze bunt.
How to use the front elbow to make you more successful.
Pick offs for both right-handed pitchers and left-handed pitchers to ALL three bases.
How you can get to know a batter’s strengths and weaknesses VERY QUICKLY.
Holding runners on all three bases, hiding your grip, etc etc etc.
That’s just a few out of the 123 that are covered in baseball pitching.

Our “Baseball Pitching” edition is a very big part of “Excellent Baseball Coaching.”
We really think you will enjoy it and GREATLY BENEFIT by it at ANY level of play!
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